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Larry, Klara, Roger, Lisa and Sarah Silverstein, and Tal Kerret

Larry Silverstein is the Chairman of the privately held global real estate entity, Silverstein Properties, Inc., a prominent real estate development, investment, and management firm. Mr. Silverstein developed, owns, and operates over 35 million square feet of commercial, residential, hotel, and retail space around the world. He and his wife, Klara, contribute their time and resources to organizations dedicated to education, medical research, humanitarian needs, and the arts. Two of their three children and son-in-law, Tal Kerret, President of Silverstein Properties, work in the business. Lisa Silverstein is Senior Vice President and Roger Silverstein is the Executive Vice President of Leasing. Sarah Silverstein is a New York City-based photographer.

“The human capital in the world is not a commodity in itself, but a body that should be cherished for the soul. Any work created for such capital should not include degradation, abuse, or humiliation. Profits should never be at the expense of one’s freedom and happiness.”