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Aliza Amar

Activist, Educator, Public Speaker, and Artist
Not having family, Aliza Amar grew up in an institution in Israel and was sexually assaulted throughout her childhood starting at age six. In Tel Aviv, as a naïve 21 year old, she answered an advertisement for modeling. At the “audition,” she was raped by a man she thought was to interview her. Ms. Amar learned that her rape was recorded and disseminated as pornography. She now organizes cross-country bike rides and creates artistic political pieces to help survivors break their silence about their own experiences with violence and sexual exploitation, and create social change to end the violence against women.

“There is life after sexual exploitation. Your purpose is bigger than the violation. In every woman is a leader; you just need to awaken to it. Meet the right people to walk along with you to fulfill your dreams. Though it takes a lot of healing, for women who experience violence, it is important to see the beauty in the scars.”