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Amy Andrews

Survivor of Sex Trafficking and Childhood Sexual Abuse, Trainer, Advocate, Public Speaker, Poet, and Actress
Amy Andrews was sexually trafficked in various U.S. cities starting at age 13 after being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend and in foster care. She describes these abuses as the true form of identity-theft, leaving her to figure out who she is at 41 years old. Ms. Andrews is an experienced trainer, advocate, and educator working to raise awareness about human trafficking, by providing real time victim-centered services and empowering survivors of all kinds of sexual violence.

“A person buying sex doesn’t distinguish between who appears they want to be there and who is forced. There isn’t a price that can be put on pieces of a person. We are forced to fragment ourselves to appease each person’s desire. Splitting ourselves apart from our intelligence, talent, and humanity for someone’s brief satisfaction strips us of our dignity. Our worth is greater than being reduced to a sex object for hire.