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Tzaritsa Asante

Owner, Pashionista UK and Mzpah4u Jewellery; planner at The Switch; activist in international development
As an activist in international development, Tzaritsa Asante has worked with a number of governmental and other non-profit organizations throughout the world to help empower those who are economically dispossessed, unskilled, and vulnerable. Ms. Asante also uses her skills as a creative designer of jewelry to further support those causes she cares most about. Although born and bred in Scotland, Ms. Asante has lived and worked in the far corners of the world. Currently she is employed by The Switch, working to provide programs to better serve victims of sex trafficking, and to engage in advocacy on their behalf, from Capitol Hill to Bologna, Italy.

“Every person qualifies as a person to make their own choices and fulfill their in-built purpose; mine is to undergird…."