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Jerome Elam

Survivor of Sex Trafficking, President and CEO, Trafficking in America Task Force, and Scientist, Writer, and Artist
Jerome Elam was sexually assaulted and trafficked into a pedophilia ring by his mother’s boyfriend from the age of five until twelve years old, when he attempted suicide and was removed from his family. Mr. Elam, now a married father of twins, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over a decade, later attending college and working in biotechnology.

“Anyone can be a victim. There are misconceptions about male victims. Most male survivors don’t speak out. It is possible to start our lives over again as men and accept that we were victimized. The experience and trauma is always a part of you but does not define you. There are always triggers. Triggers can be as simple as a look, a cologne, a song. You find yourself being dragged into depression. You must dig your heels in and fight it. You need to want to survive and experience the fullness of life, happiness, friendships.”